Mask To Prevent Corona Virus Infection

Doc, I want to ask. Now the covid-19 pandemic, can you use cloth masks to go out of your house or just with 3fly BFE and n95 masks? Are there any other mask compositions?

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To prevent transmission of COVID-19 masks can be used for barrier transmission. Certainly the most effective when used by people who are sick. For people who are not at high risk for COVID-19, a 3 ply surgical mask is enough. Whereas for media officers who deal with covid 19 patients directly recommended N95 masks.

The two types of masks mentioned above are specifically designed to filter out germs so that we are less likely to live on our nose or mouth.

For cloth masks, the effectiveness of course depends on how thick and tight the mask is. The thicker and denser the better. However, its density and thickness must also be measured so as not to cause someone who uses it to become short of breath as smothered. If the 3ply mask can still be obtained, you should use this mask, because its effectiveness has been tested. But if it is hard to find, cloth masks can be used instead of not using at all. Try to use a fabric mask, choose one that has a good thickness and density. Better yet, if indeed the mask manufacturer has tested the effectiveness of the mask during the production period.

As for what you should do to prevent contracting COVID-19 are:

Do social distancing. Avoid crowds of people or any event that involves a crowd
Maintain endurance by eating nutritious, drinking 2 liters per day
Wash hands especially before touching the nose, mouth, eyes
Use a mask, especially if there are symptoms of respiratory tract infections, especially fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, tightness
That's all the explanation from me, hopefully it helps and useful :)

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