Illustration of Mastitis?
Illustration: Mastitis?

, can mastitis affect women who are not breastfeeding and how can it be treated?

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Hi Novita Sari,

Mastitis is a condition in which there is inflammation of the breast tissue. Mastitis is more commonly experienced by breastfeeding women, where generally this condition is triggered by a bacterial infection that enters through a wound in the skin of the breast or due to a blocked milk duct.

However, mastitis is not only experienced by breastfeeding women. Mastitis can also be experienced by women who are not breastfeeding (although this is rare), for example as a result of a sore on the nipple or triggered by wearing a bra that is too tight.

The symptoms that can arise in mastitis include:

Breast pain Swollen, reddish, hot breasts Painful lumps in the breast Itchy breasts The nipples discharge pus May be accompanied by fever, fatigue, or swollen lymph nodes in the armpits
Mastitis management includes self-treatment (such as warm compresses on the breast and breast massage if a milk duct dam occurs), administration of painkillers, and the use of antibiotics to treat bacterial infections if necessary. If you experience a condition that resembles the symptoms of mastitis, you should consult a doctor so that it can be examined directly to determine the cause, so that appropriate treatment can be given according to the basic condition.

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