Maximum Age Of Penis Growth?

Illustration of Maximum Age Of Penis Growth?
Illustration: Maximum Age Of Penis Growth?

is it true that the growth of the penis will stop when we enter the age of 18 years and over, then is it true that the efforts made to enlarge the penis with oil (titan gel for example) drug supplements and so on will not change the size of our penis and are just useless . Isn’t it true that the elements in the penis are almost similar to the muscles that when exercised can be enlarged?

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Maximum penis growth occurs at the age of 21 years, but it could be that some people stop faster, such as 18 years. Similar to height, for men, there are those who can grow taller to 23 years and women who can grow taller for up to 20 years, but who stop faster than that. Everything depends on each person and can not be predicted.

Then, what needs to be improved from your understanding is that the penis is not composed of muscle, but rather a sponge-like tissue that will enlarge when filled with blood vessels. For simplicity, see the image below.

When a person experiences an erection, blood flow to the penis increases and like a dishwashing sponge that runs through water, the penis will enlarge, and can throb because there are blood vessels. That also causes drugs for high blood pressure can also affect erections.

Then for penis enlargement products, whatever they are, be it vacuum, pills, lotions, prolongers and so forth, so far it has more often had a negative impact on its users rather than its good effects. So we strongly discourage you from using penis enlargement products, especially if you are still 18 years old where the penis can still grow.

But if you do indeed experience a micropenis condition, or a condition where the penis is only 7.5 cm long or even less while being erect, you need special treatment by a specialist in Andrology. If you still have further questions, you can create new questions or consult directly with general practitioners and specialists. What is clear, love yourself by thinking carefully and gathering information as much as possible from various sources before deciding on a particular treatment or therapy. So, hopefully answering your question.

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