Maybe 18-year-old Woman Has Heart Disease?

Illustration of Maybe 18-year-old Woman Has Heart Disease?
Illustration: Maybe 18-year-old Woman Has Heart Disease?

Good night, I am marsaulina when I am 18 years old, why if I breathe short, like shortness of breath? At that time I did an examination, he said, I have heart disease, is it possible for my age to get heart disease?

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Hello Marsaulina, thank you for asking.

Shortness of breath is a condition characterized by a feeling of difficulty breathing or shortness of breath (gasping). Shortness of breath complaints are subjective. This means that between one person with another person, the sensation or shortness of breath can vary. Therefore, when someone complains of shortness of breath, it must be confirmed by checking the frequency of breathing. Normal respiratory rate for adults, ranging from 12-18 times per minute. Some other opinions state that the value of normal adult respiratory frequency is 12-16 times / minute or some states stated 12-20 times / minute. Generally a person is said to breathe quickly if in 1 minute, he breathes more than 20 times.

In addition to increased breathing frequency, shortness of breath is also characterized by increased breathing effort. This can be seen from the movement of the flared nasal lobe when breathing, and the pulling in between the ribs (so that when shortness of breath, one's ribs become clearer).

Ask your friends or family to help assess the frequency of breath. You must lie still, close your eyes and breathe normally. Your friends or family will calculate the frequency of your breath in 1 minute. After that note also whether there is a pull of ribs when you breathe.

If indeed there are signs:

Frequency of breath above 20 times / minute Pull of ribs or nasal lobe breath Then you may indeed experience shortness of breath. Pay attention to when the onset of shortness of breath. Is there an increase in physical activity (such as exercise, going up the stairs, or walking long distances), whether the tightness improves when you are resting, whether it is accompanied by other symptoms such as dizziness, fainting, cold sweat, bluish lips or nails. Note that when you are lying down, your head must be supported with a pillow to keep it from tightness. If you find these signs, it is also possible that you have heart problems.

Heart disorders are various types and may be experienced by people of various ages, ranging from infants to the elderly. Disorders can include congenital heart defects, heart rhythm abnormalities, valve abnormalities, heart pump abnormalities, coronary artery blockages, and so on.

Besides shortness of breath can also be caused by causes of the lungs, digestive disorders, respiratory muscle problems, or psychological stress problems. Therefore you should consult with your doctor sequentially and in detail. The doctor will do a basic physical examination, then maybe do a supporting examination such as x-rays or echocardiography.

In the meantime you can do normal activities, but pay attention if you suddenly shortness of breath when doing strenuous activities, you should rest for a moment.

Hopefully this review helps. Regards.

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