MCU Examination Results In The Kidneys?

Illustration of MCU Examination Results In The Kidneys?
Illustration: MCU Examination Results In The Kidneys?

Hello, I want to ask, a few weeks ago I did MCU and saw the results of the doctor’s examination in the left and right kidney examination, it was stated positive ballotement, what do you mean by that? Have there been any problems with my kidney so far I have felt fine and have never felt any pain. Thank you

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Ballotement test is a technique for examining the limbs in the kidneys. This test aims to assess whether there is a suspicion in the direction of kidney enlargement.
This technique is done with both hands (bimanual) giving emphasis in turns. For example, to determine the left kidney, then the left hand is under the back of the kidney area while the right hand gives the same direction repeatedly. On suspicion of an enlarged kidney, sensations such as the mass of the kidneys that are involved will be felt on the pressure-bearing hand.
This is called positive ballotement. The results obtained under normal conditions are negative ballotements. So that positive renal ballotement refers to the suspicion of an enlargement in the kidney area, including kidney tumors and hydronephrosis.

But the results of the physical examination can not immediately establish a diagnosis of disorders of the kidneys. Other data is needed related to your health information such as whether there are complaints that are felt, how the history of previous illnesses along with the results of other investigations such as blood laboratory results, especially creatinine, urea, hemoglobin, and complete urine test results to determine abnormalities in the kidneys.

Often a person does not know that he is suffering from a disruption in his organs, due to the absence of complaints he feels. But when a thorough examination is done, it is known that there is a disruption in the organ that actually has been experienced and does not cause any complaints (silent disease). The sooner the disorder is evaluated and treated, the better the prognosis for the disease.

Therefore, it is better if you have a direct discussion with the doctor who handles medical check-ups beforehand to get more complete information related to the results obtained.

Take care of your kidney health by meeting your daily fluid needs, doing regular exercise, avoiding consuming foods or drinks that contain lots of preservatives and food coloring, avoid smoking and alcohol consumption and do a healthy living culture.
So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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