Illustration of MCV & MCH
Illustration: MCV & MCH

Doc … I have had it for several days whether my heart is beating or my head is strobing, when I have a blood test I am indeed suffering from typhus but my tipes are not too high and have improved. But the feeling of either throbbing or head nyutan nyutan there is still a doc. My blood test results also show that MCV u0026amp; My MCH is low and leukocytes u0026amp; My LED is high. Is it because of iron anemia that causes me to feel that way? Or what? Thank you

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MCV examination or Mean corpuscular volume or the average value of the volume of red blood cells in the body, is a check conducted to determine whether there are abnormalities in red blood cells, especially related to the volume of red blood cells. If the MCV is low it indicates a low red blood volume which can lead to anemia.

In general, the MCV check is carried out for:

To evaluate the possibility of anemia symptoms such as fatigue, pale skin, or dizziness
To distinguish the presence of red blood cell abnormalities or types of anemia
To evaluate other blood tests, such as examining leukocytes or platelets
To evaluate several underlying medical conditions

MCH or Mean corpuscular hemoglobin, where this examination shows the average value of hemoglobin in the blood in the body. So this examination can help evaluate the presence of abnormalities in red blood cells and help identify the type of anemia. Low MCh examination results can lead to enemia.

Leukocytes are white blood cells, which are tests or examinations of leukocytes to determine the number of white blood cells in the body. This examination is done to evaluate the patient's condition related to the process of inflammation or infection that occurs. If the leukocytes are higher than the reference value, then this can be caused by an ongoing infection process or due to an inflammatory process in the body.

While the LED or blood sedimentation rate is a test conducted to find out how long the red blood cells settle. If the red blood cell sedimentation time is longer than the reference value, then this can indicate the process of inflammation or infection.

If indeed your MCV and MCH values ​​are low, then this can be an indication of anemia that may be caused by poor nutrition, iron deficiency, and folic acid deficiency. While the presence of high leukocytes and high LEDs, it indicates the process of inflammation or infection that is still running. So, the complaint that you are feeling right now is probably caused by a low MCV and MCH, and if you have been previously diagnosed with typhus, this condition can also affect your current complaint. Complaints of pain that you feel before can trigger less than optimal food intake and less optimal absorption of food nutrition. Furthermore, it is necessary to carry out further evaluation relating to the possibility of other diseases that might trigger or aggravate the complaint that you feel.

Some of the conditions below can also cause anemia or complaints that you feel, such as:

Deficiency of vitamins and nutrients due to unbalanced food and nutritional intake
Indigestion or diarrhea
Liver disease

Therefore, during this recovery period, you should not move first. Continue your rest until completely recovered. Avoid sleeping late, and meeting your nutritional needs until your health condition really improves. If you smoke, stop smoking. And if the medicine that you consume is up, you should control your doctor again. The doctor will re-evaluate the possible causes of the complaint you feel, and if necessary or your condition is still weak, or your food intake is not optimal, then your doctor can suggest treatment in the hospital if you see your doctor can be done and need to be done.

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