Me Why?

Illustration of Me Why?
Illustration: Me Why?

I’m akmal, 15 years old. lately I often feel sad constantly, easy to cry without cause and easily offended, easily angry and difficult to control emotions, my mind is also often empty, there are quite a lot of bruises that appear suddenly and appetite is also decreased, guess what I think? and what should I do so that I can return to normal? because this is a bit disturbing my daily life, thank you.

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Good night. Thank you for asking

The condition that you experience can be related to psychological or physical conditions that you experience some of the things that might be

Depression which usually will experience a condition of feeling very deep sadness, difficult to be happy
Conditions of tendency to hurt yourself
Disorders of the blood clotting process such as vitamin K deficiency that cause symptoms of bruising

This should be overcome by several things like

Share this with people you trust
Fill your free time with positive activities
Avoid time alone if you have a tendency to hurt yourself
Eat nutritiously
Expand foods high in vitamin K such as green vegetables, beans

If there is a desire to hurt yourself you should immediately consult a doctor, especially a psychiatrist

Thus information may be useful

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