Meaning Of Radiology Results?

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after I did an x-ray I got a sheet containing rnrn1. The left diaphragm bendsrn2. The lungs showed reticulogranular infiltrates at both apicesrn3. Pulmonary bronchovascular pattern is crowdedrn4. Cor is not enlarged, the aorta and superior mediastinum are not dilatedrnrnWhat does that mean, then what are the symptoms of my disease?rnrnThank you.

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Hello, thank you for your question.

First of all, the overall X-ray picture that you convey strongly points to a specific inflammatory process / lung infection. Tuberculosis is a condition that in Indonesia most often causes this kind of picture and should be one of the main possible causes thought to cause this condition.

However, of course, after all, you must still look at the patient's complaints and clinical condition and consider various other things, especially the results of the patient's sputum examination.

I think you need to immediately visit a doctor to consult further about this and confirm the disease and get the appropriate therapy. If necessary, consultation with an internist or pulmonary specialist can be done.


that's all I can say, hopefully useful.

dr. Lili

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