Measles Immunization At 9 Months?

Illustration of Measles Immunization At 9 Months?
Illustration: Measles Immunization At 9 Months?

, want to ask whether the immunization against measles 9 months the child’s weight must be above 7.5 kg? at that time my child had stepped on 9 months but the puskesmas refused to carry out the measles immunization because the baby weighed 6.9 kg. moon .. how is the solution ?? please explain thanks

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to We can understand the concern you feel.

Referring to the recommendations of the 2017 Indonesian Pediatric Association (IDAI) regarding the schedule of child immunizations, the first measles vaccine should be given at the age of 9 months. Furthermore, it is recommended to give a booster dose at the age of 18 months and between 6-7 years. The second measles vaccine at 18 months does not need to be given if the first vaccine is in the form of MMR vaccine (mumps, measles, rubella).

Generally the measles vaccine does not need to take into account body weight, except when a diagnosis of the disease underlying the failure / growth of the child's weight has been established according to age. Measles vaccine is only not recommended to be given to children with a decrease in primary immune function, cancer, organ transplants / transplants, are on therapy that decreases long-term immune function, or children diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) but not treated. As long as there are no contraindications, children aged 9 months or more can be given measles immunization.

Basically, the recommended age of vaccines is adjusted to the best time to obtain optimal benefits. This does not mean that children whose age has passed the recommended age cannot be given the vaccine. If your child is 11 months old and has not been given the measles vaccine at 9 months ago, your child can still be caught catching up immediately, provided there is no contraindication according to the doctor's evaluation. This is not dangerous, it's just that the protective benefits of the disease may not be as good if the vaccine is given at the recommended age. However, this catch-up immunization is still better than if the child was not given the vaccine at all.

You are advised to consult your child with a doctor or pediatrician. If your child's health condition is good and no contraindications are found, the doctor can provide catch-up immunization and plan a schedule for the next immunization (booster) according to the individual patient's condition.

Thus information from us. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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