Measures To Deal With Heart Disease In Adults Aged 35 Years?

Illustration of Measures To Deal With Heart Disease In Adults Aged 35 Years?
Illustration: Measures To Deal With Heart Disease In Adults Aged 35 Years?

Good evening doctor. I am age 35. I have been treated in a hospital. Beautiful Anwar Malang. The diagnosis is 4 types. Heart Swelling2. Heart valve abnormalities since birth3. Irregular heart rhythm (sometimes even feels 2 beats per second) 4. Heart leaks Counted already experienced 3 times such as heart failure, until sometimes almost a minute my heart and breathing stopped (feeling nauseous) when I realized. My question is whether the action should be done … Operation or whether it is enough to use drugs.

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Heart valve disease is caused by one or more heart valves that do not function as normal. The heart has 4 one-way valves which will keep blood flow correct and smooth. In some conditions a malfunction of the valve can occur which cannot open or close properly. This results in impaired blood flow in the body.

Heart valve disorders can be inherited from birth, meaning that the cause is unknown. If cardiac abnormalities occur after adulthood, the risk factors include:

1. Old age
2. History of infections that cause heart complications
3. History of heart disease
4. High blood pressure
5. Diabetes mellitus
6. Hypercholesterolemia
7. Congenital heart disease

Furthermore, this heart disorder can cause several complications, such as those that may occur in your case, including:
1. Congestive heart failure
2. Stroke
3. Disorders of the heart rhythm
4. Formation of blood clots in blood vessels

In this case the drugs are supportive therapy that is to reduce symptoms and prevent rapid deterioration of the condition. So far, heart valve disorders still require operative measures as the definitive therapy. The choice of operating method is valve repair or valve replacement depending on the severity of the patient's condition. As much as possible if the conditions are adequate then a valve repair method is preferred because of the smaller risk for the patient. But in some cases the valve can no longer be repaired so that the heart valve is replaced with a prosthetic type or from biological tissue.

In your case it is important to always communicate with a cardiologist to find out your current condition and treatment options that can be done. In each patient the course of therapy can vary according to many things such as severity, other ballast conditions, or the response to previous treatment. Therefore, do not hesitate to consult again about your illness and to find out further therapy plans.

That's all, hope you can help.

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