Meat Growing In The Ear Should Surgery?

, my father had an earache, then checked with the doctor said the doctor said there was meat growing in the ear, even though it had not been rsened and had to be operated on, but only given oral medication without drops, if I had been swollen before … According to the meat doctor Does growing really need surgery?

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Pain in the ear or also called otalgia can be caused by various possibilities such as the presence of clogged ear wax, infection, inflammation, tumors and so on.

Meat that grows usually lead to a tumor. Where is the definition of a tumor that is the growth of body cells that are not normal and can grow in any part of the body, including the ears. Tumors are broadly classified as benign and malignant tumors, but to ensure a benign or malignant tumor an examination is called a biopsy.

Broadly speaking, the ear is divided into 3 parts, namely the outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear. Some causes of tumors in the ear for example,

Sebaceous cysts, lumps that contain oil under the surface of the skin
Osteoma is a benign tumor composed of bone cells
Keloid, scar tissue due to scars that grow like 'meat'
Ceruminoma is a type of malignant tumor originating from the gland that produces ear wax

Some types of tumors do not require x-rays to find out the presence of a tumor or not. So that can usually be known by asking for a medical history and physical examination such as examination of the ear. However, some other types of tumors can require tests such as CT scans to determine the spread of the tumor.

But if the doctor has confirmed there is a tumor, you should consult an ENT specialist. The doctor will then determine the next treatment step.

Treatment of growing meat or tumors can be done in various ways depending on the type, location of tumor growth, and depending on the type of benign or malignant tumor, and if it is necessary to know the malignant stage or level of malignancy.

In benign tumors, observation or monitoring can usually be done, that is to see whether the tumors cause periods or not. If it causes problems or has the potential to cause problems, the doctor will usually recommend removal or surgery for the tumor. Which later the lump was examined under a microscope or called a hiopsy to determine whether the type of tumor is benign or malignant.

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