Meat Grows On The Inside Of The Eye?

Illustration of Meat Grows On The Inside Of The Eye?
Illustration: Meat Grows On The Inside Of The Eye?

Hello! I am 21 years old. I have a complaint, my eye minus 5 is still stable since the last 4 years. But lately I’ve noticed something like flesh growing in my eyes. My eyes are getting tired, and also the white part of the eyes has a yellowish color and also a little reddish color. What I want to ask is that dangerous? Can my eyes be as they were? The absence of flesh and yellowish / redness in the eyes can heal? What can you do with the medicine? And what should I consume? Please answer, thank you

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Hello Bungaa,

Thank you for the question.

The appearance of a flesh-like mass that grows in the eye is most often caused by pterygium or pinguecula. Both of these conditions arise due to excessive conjunctival growth that is triggered by exposure to UV light, dry air, and also other irritants. Although not dangerous, often this condition is often experiencing repeated inflammation, making the eyes feel more tired, reddish, runny, itchy, sore, and more sensitive to glare. Not only that, if this mass continues to grow to cover the pupils, then your vision can be very disturbed because of it. Your condition with myopia (nearsightedness, minus eyes) is quite high, it can also worsen the complaints in your eyes.

In addition to the pterygium and pinguecula, the mass in your eye may also be caused by benign or malignant tumors, conjunctival nevus, foreign body insertion into the eye, conjunctivitis, keratitis, cataracts, and so on.

The good thing, before this condition worsens, see yourself directly to the doctor or eye doctor. Some types of medication your doctor can prescribe so that your inflammatory symptoms improve. However, if it is true that your condition arises because of pterygium or pinguecula, then definitive treatment of these two conditions can only be done by surgery.

In the meantime, in order to prevent the mass from enlarging and experiencing repeated inflammation, we recommend that you do not rub your eyes excessively, use glasses in accordance with the minus of your eyes (prescribed directly by a doctor), do not look directly into the sun with the naked eye (use anti-UV glasses ), limit out of the house during windy weather, use a water humidifier so that the air in the environment where you are more humid, and drops artificial tears in your eyes when you feel tired and reddish.

Hope this helps ...

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