Meat On The Thighs Shaped Like A Strip?

Illustration of Meat On The Thighs Shaped Like A Strip?
Illustration: Meat On The Thighs Shaped Like A Strip?

I want to ask, why is there near my thigh like that pathway? afraid

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Hello Irene,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, what kind of path do you mean? Does the skin in the affected area appear to be tight? How is the color? How long have you experienced it?

Chances are, the pathway on your skin that you mean is part of stretch marks. This condition is common in women, especially women who are pregnant or who have fat postures and even obesity. This stretch mark often appears like a curved or thickened stroke, can be the same color as the skin, paler, or even more reddish, bluish, to black compared to other areas of the skin. In addition to the groin, stretch marks are often also found in other areas of the body, for example the abdomen, breasts, buttocks, and hips. These stretch marks appear due to excessive stretching of the skin. Other factors, such as genetic (hereditary), fairly drastic weight changes (can become fatter or thinner), and hormonal imbalances (especially the hormone cortisol) also play an important role in triggering the emergence of stretch marks.

In addition to stretch marks, your complaints may also appear as part of normal skin variations, skin infections, telangiectasia (dilation of blood vessels on the surface of the skin), and so on.

It's best if you check your complaint directly to a doctor or dermatologist to identify the cause. If true because of stretch marks, often this condition is not dangerous. To handle this, your doctor can give you a special cream, or recommend certain medical procedures, such as light therapy, laser, or microdermabrasion. Your doctor can also give you special skin supplements, along with educating you about the right skin care methods and the best way to maintain your ideal body weight. However, if it turns out to be another cause, of course the handling can also be different. With early treatment, often your condition can improve without leaving dangerous complications.

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