Medical Check-up For Chest X-ray?

Illustration of Medical Check-up For Chest X-ray?
Illustration: Medical Check-up For Chest X-ray?

Yesterday, I found the result was dextra lung calcification, could the disease be cured? And how was it treated?

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Hello Kevin.

Lung calcification is a picture of a former process of infection and old inflammation. In the process of infection and inflammation, lung tissue damage occurs. During healing, damaged lung tissue is replaced by scar tissue. Scar tissue in which it contains calcium, will cause a hardened structure, known as calcification. An extensive calcification generally does not cause symptoms. However, extensive calcification can interfere with lung function so that breathing difficulties arise easily. The cause of calcification is a chronic ongoing process, such as pulmonary TB. But we cannot confirm this because we did not examine you. Please bring this result back to the doctor who is treating you. The doctor will explain in more detail and refer you if necessary.

That's the short answer I can give. Regards.

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