Medical Check Up When Chickenpox?

Illustration of Medical Check Up When Chickenpox?
Illustration: Medical Check Up When Chickenpox?

, I had chicken pox during MCU Will the result of MCU fail due to chicken pox?

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Medical Check Up (MCU) is a comprehensive health check aimed at early detection of a disease and its handling before the disease develops. From a medical perspective, there is generally no information regarding whether the MCU was successful or failed. Rather, this relates to the purpose of the MCU, if the MCU is done on its own request as a routine health check, of course the results processed will be feedback and evaluation of personal health. If the MCU is carried out in the context of certain educational or occupational qualifications, then this is related to the provisions of each relevant agency.

For example certain jobs require not to be color blind, therefore the findings that can cause disruption when MCU is the presence of color blindness, etc. (depending on the requirements of each agency)

Related to your condition, generally the doctor will still write a description of the diagnosis such as "chicken pox in treatment, 2-3 days rest advice"

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