Medical Tests Are A Requirement For University Admission?

Good afternoon, I want to ask. What do you cover for the medical examination as a requirement to enter college? What is a disability test? and drug-free tests

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Health tests intended by each university are different, depending on the policies of each university, but in general health tests include history taking (questions and answers with doctors), general physical examination and can also be accompanied by laboratory tests in the form of a complete blood examination. , fat profile, urine examination (urine) complete and also chest X-ray where the results of this examination are generally used to determine whether there are certain disease conditions that can interfere with students during the lecture process.
General disability test is an examination that includes examination of the eye and ENT. The eye examination in question is a color blindness test and also a vision test. While the ENT test includes a whisper test, an examination of the eardrum and also an audiometry examination if needed. This disability test is intended to help determine whether there are disturbances in these two organs that may be able to inhibit the lecture process.
Drug-free tests are generally in the form of urine tests that are reacted with some special examination material to detect certain types of drug. The method of inspection is almost the same as a complete urine examination, i.e. you will be asked to dispose of urine in a particular container which will then be examined using a special examination material to detect NAPZA which then the results will be attached to a particular paper.
For where you have a health test, everything goes back to the university's policy, which is from the health service facility where you were asked to do the medical examination, sometimes the university collaborates with certain doctors or hospitals that are allowed to issue physical examination results received by the university . Therefore you should ask in advance where you can carry out these examinations directly to the university.
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