Medication After Thyroid Surgery?

Illustration of Medication After Thyroid Surgery?
Illustration: Medication After Thyroid Surgery?

Best regards, I would like to ask whether after performing a thyroid removal operation, which is related to hormones, is the patient obliged to take hormone medication for life? N n nThank you

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The thyroid is an endocrine system in the body which consists of a collection of glands. The thyroid will produce the hormones calcitonin, T4, and T3 which will flow into the blood. This hormone functions to control the body's metabolism.

The total removal of the thyroid gland not only disrupts the function of the thyroid gland itself but also the parathyroid glands. This parathyroid gland is located behind the thyroid gland. The function of the parathyroid glands to regulate the body's calcium levels by affecting the bones, kidneys, and intestines.

When the thyroid gland is removed, the patient will lose the function of both glands at once. Therefore it is necessary to give life-long medication to replace the function of the gland. The doctor will provide synthetic thyroid drugs and calcium supplementation to replace the function of the parathyroid glands. These medications are safe for use in the long term. In fact, if not consumed, the patient will experience metabolic disorders in his body, which can give more severe symptoms. If the consumption is according to the dosage, and is always under the supervision of a doctor in adjusting the dosage, then the side effects are not a cause for concern.

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