Medication For Dry Skin Cracks In The Testicles?

Illustration of Medication For Dry Skin Cracks In The Testicles?
Illustration: Medication For Dry Skin Cracks In The Testicles?

Greetings, I want to ask the name of a medicine or ointment to get rid of dry and cracked skin in my testicles, because this is very annoying. Thank you

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Hello Alexx,

Previously must be known first the cause of the dry and cracked skin. It needs to be ascertained whether it is really just dry skin or is caused by:

Fungal, viral, bacterial or parasitic infections
Contact dermatitis, for example due to allergies or irritation to a substance
Neurodermatitis, inflammation of the skin that is triggered by stress

Psoriasis, an autoimmune disorder

Because the causes are quite numerous, you should immediately check the abnormality to the doctor. Other diseases are also treatment, and wrong treatment can make the skin condition worse or become vague so that the real cause is difficult to see.

The dermatologist will conduct a question and answer related to complaints, for example how long the complaint is felt, are there specific times where itching is more intense, is there any prior contact with substances and many other questions. After that a physical examination will be done by looking at the skin on the testicles. If necessary, the doctor will ask you to do a supporting examination, such as blood tests, although rarely if the abnormality is clearly seen the cause. Then the doctor will provide treatment according to the cause.

While waiting for the time to see a doctor, to reduce complaints should not scratch excessive itchy areas, clean the sex organs every time you pee, make sure the pants are always clean and dry. If it is humid, replace it immediately.

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