Medication For Hemorrhoids?

I just defecated, it was really hard to come out, I was forced out, I know, an hour later there was a wound and the swelling came out and it didn’t enter the swollen sore, how to treat it and what medicine or ointment to treat the pain

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Hello Atang.

Constipation or difficulty defecating is a condition in which a person has difficulty defecating both the frequency of less than 3 times a week or difficulty when removing stool from the anus. This can be influenced by many factors such as lack of food intake, poor diet, disruption in the area around the intestine and rectum, pelvic muscle disorders, lack of active movement, lack of fluid intake, psychological conditions, often ignoring bowel movements, side effects medicine and others.

If left unchecked, constipation can cause a number of complications such as triggering hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids due to blood vessels around the anal wall, anal fissure or sores on the skin of the anal wall, rectal prolapse or rectal menonjo out due to prolonged straining, causing hard feces and others. These various things can be a possibility of the conditions that you experience. for that check with your doctor to make sure, later treatment will be carried out in accordance with the cause both treatment or if necessary actions such as surgery. Immediately consulted because the lump can cause further complications that can be dangerous for health.

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