Medication For Post Cesarean Section Recovery In Nursing Mothers?

Hello Doc, I want to ask. Is the drug taken by nursing mothers for healing after cesarean section not problematic for babies …?

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Need to clarify, what medicine do you mean? Is the drug prescribed directly by a doctor or obstetrician?

After a cesarean, the mother needs more time to recover and return to normal activities. To speed up this recovery process, there are often several drugs that you need to take. These drugs are often prescribed by doctors with the aim of minimizing postoperative pain (for example, acetaminophen or NSAID) and also preventing the risk of infection that is susceptible to scarring after cesarean section (such as antibiotics).

Of course, the administration of these drugs has been considered in such a way as not to endanger the health of the baby you are breastfeeding. If there is also a type of medication that is at risk if consumed by nursing mothers, the doctor will certainly tell you, so that your condition and the baby you are breastfeeding is always healthy. In fact, if you do not take this medicine, pain that is severe enough after surgery can make you experience stress, which affects your milk production. Not only that, an infection in a cesarean scar can also make healing of your cesarean lasts longer, and this infection is also susceptible to spread to the body, including also flowing through your breast milk so that it can potentially harm the baby you are breastfeeding.

If the drug you intended is prescribed directly by your doctor, then it is very likely that this drug is safe for you to take without disturbing your baby's health. However, if you take these drugs without a doctor's prescription, then we recommend that you do not carelessly consume them for the benefit of you and your own baby.

To be sure, try to consult directly with your doctor or obstetrician huh ..

I hope this helps.

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