Medication For Treating Headaches?

Night . I am Rara. my mother is around 60 years old Kmren just checked the doctor given HISTIGO medicine, because my mother often kleyengan head. But after drinking for more than 3 days there has been a change. Do I have to change my medicine, please give me an idea of ​​what medicine is good. Or I may lack blood.

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Hi Rara

Vertigo is described as a feeling of dizziness spinning, kleyengan, staggering, without any body rotation. These symptoms can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and fainting. Vertigo can be caused by disorders of the balance tool in the inner ear or disorders of the balance center in the brain. This condition generally lasts for a long time and does not subside immediately. Some conditions that can provide symptoms of vertigo include:

 Middle ear infection. Calcification or the presence of debris in the inner ear balance tool. Problems with the brain, such as brain ischemia, brain degeneration, brain mass, or infection of the brain. Meniere's disease. Cervical bone problems. Hypertension. Severe anemia. Hypoglycemia. Hypotension. Therefore, it is better for your mother to take medication as recommended, and to control her routine by a neurologist. If it does not improve, the doctor may have to undergo a radiological examination such as a CT scan or MRI. The doctor will also recommend certain movements that can be used to reduce the symptoms of vertigo. Supervise your mother while in the bathroom or kitchen, so that falls and injuries do not occur.

Hopefully this answer is helpful. Regards.

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