Medication Suitable For Itchy Skin Of Diabetics?

Illustration of Medication Suitable For Itchy Skin Of Diabetics?
Illustration: Medication Suitable For Itchy Skin Of Diabetics?

Good night dokDok, I want to ask. Previously I want to explain the condition first. So this, my mother had been sick with diabetes and cause injuries to her legs but now it’s completely dry. The pain was around the end of 2018. healed means that it doesn’t hurt anymore. You are pretty smooth. That is the end “this is somehow a few months back all over my mother’s body likes itching. Itching pol he said until scratching is not enough to use tangles but until using scissors. there is a kind of ulcer or what is rude “so right when it is held is very different from the first. heal, what kind of lotion is right for my mother? I am so confused I want to buy it. My mother also told me to make it to a dermatologist but I don’t want it. Please help, doctor, thanks

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Diabetes is a condition of high glucose levels in the body that exceeds normal limits. High glucose levels can be caused by two types of causes. Type 1 diabetes is caused by damage to pancreatic beta cells to produce insulin. Type 2 diabetes is caused by the body's insensitivity to respond to insulin. Insulin itself functions as a transport of glucose into cells and tissues that need it as fuel to function and metabolic processes, resistance or low amounts of insulin that cause glucose can not be used by cells and tissues so that glucose levels in the blood exceed normal.

The condition of diabetes can be characterized by several symptoms, including frequent thirst, often feeling hungry, often feeling the urge to urinate, weight loss without apparent cause, the skin feels dry and itchy, there are ketones in the urine, frequent infections of the gums , skin and genitals, prickling pain, tingling that starts from the tip of the foot or the tip of the finger.

One of the treatments on the skin is to use lotion, lotion on dry skin can help maintain moisture and reduce the itching experienced. Just like aloe vera gel which aims to provide a cooling effect and help reduce itching. However, it should be noted that the main treatment of the condition of diabetes is to control blood sugar levels so as to prevent further complications and help reduce the symptoms experienced. It is recommended to carry out routine control on a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine. The type of lotion that is recommended is not specific, because it aims to maintain skin moisture, not to treat diabetes. Even for the best skin problems by consulting a skin specialist.

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