Medication To Cure Influenza?

Illustration of Medication To Cure Influenza?
Illustration: Medication To Cure Influenza?

hello, I’m frilli aged 27 years, I have been fever for 3 days, headache, nasal congestion and cough. Now I have back pain. Does my symptoms have influenza? and I have had 2 days of diarrhea. I have already been treated at the health center but only given generic drugs. How do I deal with my illness, doctor? Please help

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Hello Frilly,

Thank you for the question.

Fever, headache, nasal congestion, coughing, back pain, and diarrhea are most likely to indicate that you have an infection, which can be limited to the respiratory tract, digestive tract, or other organ systems. This infection can be many possible causes, the most common are viruses, including influenza viruses. Usually, you will be more prone to infection if your immune system is not good, your personal hygiene is less intact, or if you often come in close contact with other people with the infection. In addition to infection, other factors such as allergies, inflammation of the intestine, immune disorders, and other diseases can also aggravate your condition.

Your steps before checking your complaint directly to the doctor is right. Generic or not the drug that the doctor gives, this does not affect the quality of the drug. Provided that you are examined properly, then with competence and experience, surely the doctor can give you the right treatment.

However, if it's 1-3 days after undergoing your doctor's treatment you don't feel any significant improvement related to your complaints, you should go back to your doctor, ENT doctor, or internist. If necessary, you might later will be directed to undergo blood tests, x-rays, or other supporting tests.

In the meantime, multiply rest first, take paracetamol if fever and body aches are still very disturbing, drink water more regularly, routinely eat fruit and other nutritious food variations, don't smoke, use masks, and avoid substances that might make You are allergic.

Hope this helps ...

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