Medication To Deal With Acne?

Illustration of Medication To Deal With Acne?
Illustration: Medication To Deal With Acne?

, I want to ask. My pimples do not heal. “Small pimples” and many, there is also a large amount in the skin. But you feel sick. now I am consuming asthin force but it doesn’t help, but I feel like this is growing again, I also have already taken clindamicyn but it doesn’t affect. Are there any other drugs that treat my heart without any severe nausea effects?

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acne (pimples) is a disorder of the skin associated with oil production (sebum) excess. Acne occurs when hair follicles or hair growth sites are blocked by oil and dead skin cells. This causes inflammation and blockage of the skin pores.

There are several causes of acne that never improve:

 Excessive sebum production, which is a substance produced by the oil glands to prevent dry skin. Genetic or hereditary factors, if one parent has problems with acne, hormones, namely when the activity of androgen hormones is excessive or when hormonal changes occur during menstruation. The use of cosmetics that is not always tolerated by everyone's skin. Stress that can affect one's lifestyle, including eating patterns that can trigger acne. the drug you are taking may not be suitable or cause allergies or side effects on your body condition, before you get this drug from where is it recommended by your doctor, or you buy freely? these drugs must be doctor's advice and doctor's supervision because this is an antibiotic that is taken should not be careless if you take it without doctor's advice and to stop taking this drug without going up will cause resistance or invulnerability to this drug so you do not re-establish if one day taking this drug . so my advice stop buying over-the-counter medicines without a doctor's prescription.

There are several things you can do:

 Keep skin clean but don't wash the area with more than twice a day. This can irritate the skin and make acne worse. Use clean water and mild soap to wash the skin. Water must not be too hot or too cold. Lukewarm water is the best choice. Don't try to break down zits. This can get infected zits and create larger acne scars. If possible, do not use make-up when your skin is in trouble. Make-up products can clog pores. If you must use make-up, try water-based products or non-comedogenic products. This product is better for your situation. And remember to clean your makeup as soon as possible. Use special products to remove make-up. Exercise and diet can also help. This helps improve your overall health. Do not let sweat stay on the skin for long, this is not good for acne. Remember to wash your hair. Germs from the hair can spread to the skin. for drug administration I can not recommend to you without checking it directly if this acne is scandalous and you also have to do treatment at home immediately do a direct examination to a dermatologist expert, so that the doctor can do a direct examination and give treatment correctly and say the medicine you have ever consumption and you are not suitable for these drugs so that doctors can be careful in giving drugs, such as antibiotics, isotretinoin, Spironolactone and hormone therapy if the treatment does not improve maybe the doctor will suggest taking actions such as injections, peels and lesers.

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