Medication To Deal With Asthma?

Illustration of Medication To Deal With Asthma?
Illustration: Medication To Deal With Asthma?

I want to ask my child aged 7.5 years he has asthma .. Every once a month I have to relapse .. And I have to use a nebulizer alone and use ventolin nebul .. Once recurrence hbis 4 btol ventolin nebul .. How according to the doctor .. What can disturb my child’s health …

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Hello Afifah Q Aini,

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the respiratory tract that is characterized by symptoms of wheezing breathing and / or repeated coughing with the following characteristics:

Symptoms occur episodically
Symptoms most often occur at night or at dawn
Symptoms occur seasonally
Tend to arise after physical activity
History of asthma or other atopics (allergic rhinitis, dermatitis) in patients or families

In asthma, known as acute attack (exacerbation) which is an episodes of worsening asthma symptoms that can be accompanied by symptoms of shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, chest feels depressed. This acute attack can arise due to exposure to trigger factors namely allergens, infections, cold air, severe physical activity, psychological stress. In addition to administering drugs, asthma patients also need to find out the allergen triggers and as much as possible to avoid exposure to these allergens.

Asthma can be distinguished based on the degree of acute attack and also the degree of recurrence. In your child, attacks once a month can be categorized as rare episodic asthma. In between episodes of attack the patient does not show any symptoms and the patient's activity is not interrupted. The duration of attack is generally <1 week. In this rare episodic asthma condition, generally reliever drugs (for acute attacks) are sufficient, such as the administration of beta 2 agonists (ventolin) to widen the airway so that acute attacks are reduced. However, if the category of asthma enters episodic asthma frequently, then additional controller drugs are needed to relieve inflammation that occurs in the airways.

Ventolin is a drug that contains salbutamol - a class of beta 2 agonists with short work. Giving by inhalation / nebulisation has fast work <1 minute and a long working time of 4-6 hours. The administration of inhaled salbutamol should be in accordance with the dosage with a minimum interval of 20 minutes to see the patient's response and the side effects that arise. Giving 2 times salbutamol which then does not provide an improvement response to the patient needs to be done by adding another drug to relieve symptoms, supportive oxygen or evaluate whether the method of giving nebulisation is appropriate.

Inhalation salbutamol can have the following side effects:

Increased heart rate
Irregular heartbeat
Chest pain
Stomach ache
Cough with phlegm

Because side effects can cause heart rhythm disorders, their use in excess or not according to the dose must be avoided and under clinical supervision. If your child's asthma attack> 1 time / month or when the attack is severe and unresponsive symptoms by giving ventolin nebulizer 2 times (according to dosage) should take it to the doctor for further examination and assessed whether needing additional drugs as a controller to prevent attacks asthma continues to appear.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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