Medication To Deal With Choked Eyes?

Illustration of Medication To Deal With Choked Eyes?
Illustration: Medication To Deal With Choked Eyes?

Good morning Doctor, get to the point, my back isn’t really healed, I went to the puskesmas yesterday and gave me an ointment and until it was finished the intestine was still coming out, but it has improved somewhat (my view is not Blur and there is no white shadow anymore). eyesight was as bright as ever but the dirt was still coming out. about if I buy at the pharmacy what type of eye medicine should I buy (ointment / liquid & the name of the medicine). I was lazy to the health center (afraid of contracting other diseases, sorry, parno corona hehehe), thank you

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Hi Hendi,

Thank you for the question.

The appearance of blinds or eye discharge can be caused by many things, depending on the characteristics of the symptom, such as since when the dirt has appeared, how the color is green or clear, how much is the dirt, are there other symptoms such as decreased vision, itching, pain, etc. .

Here are the possible conditions that you are experiencing:

 Conjunctivitis. Blepharitis. Keratitis. Dry eye. The presence of foreign matter in the eyes. Usually to find out the cause, the doctor will dig up a history of complaints, conduct physical examinations such as seeing and examining your eyes. The recovery time also varies depending on the conditions you have. If there are indications of bacterial infection, the doctor will prescribe antibiotic drops or ointments. But to get it, you must consult first and get a doctor's prescription, because you can not carelessly buy antibiotic eye drops without a doctor's prescription. You do not need to worry about going to the health center, because the treatment done including infection prevention procedures has been implemented well by health workers.

Here's what you can do to reduce complaints:

 Avoid touching the eyes. Wash your hands regularly and correctly. If there are indications of allergies, stay away from exposure to things that can trigger allergies or irritation. Compress the eyes with warm water if the eyes feel itchy and red. Hopefully this information can help. Get well soon.


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