Medication To Deal With Cholesterol Disease?

Illustration of Medication To Deal With Cholesterol Disease?
Illustration: Medication To Deal With Cholesterol Disease?

Good morning, my doctor, Iqbal, I want to ask you what cholesterol disease is, what is the cure? If you have gastric acid disease, what is the cure? What is gout?

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Of the few questions that you submit, basically, the treatment I cannot recommend for you, because I do not do face-to-face and physical examinations directly with patients or with you regarding complaints that you feel. So that treatment becomes the authority of the doctor who conducts a direct physical examination on yourself, conducts a supporting examination on yourself and evaluates and supervises your recovery in the period of treatment and treatment. Treatment without getting direct medical data from patients directly in the form of digestive system conditions, circulatory system, heart and respiratory system, updated laboratory examination data or history of allergies and treatment can risk causing excessive treatment and not according to indication so that it can cause side effects not expected, such as:

Stomach upset
Muscle ache
Metabolic disorders due to the level of treatment targets that are too low

Therefore, if you do have a complaint related to high blood cholesterol disorders, gout and stomach disorders, then you should visit and check directly to the doctor.

In general, these diseases, both excessive blood cholesterol, high uric acid and stomach ailments, are often related to your daily patterns, habits and diet. As long as you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent the risks that trigger the disease, treatment with medical drugs is usually not necessary, especially if you are young and have a passion to improve your health. Although the independent business you do will require a longer time, but this will form habits and goodness for you in the long term in the future.

Some things and businesses that you can do are:

Avoid sleeping late
Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption if you consume it
Idealize weight
Perform routine exercise habits
Avoid the consumption habits of foods that are at risk of increasing high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure and gastric diseases such as spicy foods, instant foods, oily foods, prepared foods, foods containing purines, soft drinks, drinks with excessive sugar content
Avoid stress
Avoid excessive physical fatigue
Limit eating habits outside the home, especially for foods that are risky
Inadequate water needs

To get an optimal evaluation and get treatment if needed, then you should consult with your family doctor or intern doctor, the doctor will conduct an interview related to your habits and complaints you feel. Furthermore, the doctor will conduct a physical examination and supporting examination to determine the level of cholesterol and uric acid disorders so that it can be evaluated periodically. The results of the examination will be a reference for determining the dose of treatment and care that will be prescribed by your doctor and recommended by your doctor. Thus, your complaint can be controlled immediately and prevent side effects or complications of long-term illness, whether heart disease, kidney disease or blood vessel disease.

Thus the info we can convey.

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