Medication To Dry The Wounds In The Perineum After Childbirth Is Normal

Illustration of Medication To Dry The Wounds In The Perineum After Childbirth Is Normal
Illustration: Medication To Dry The Wounds In The Perineum After Childbirth Is Normal

Doctor I just gave birth normally and this is the postnatal day 9. The patient was then episodes and heacted. After childbirth day 4, heacting that my outside is all loose. When they returned to the maternity clinic for a heacting examination, they said they couldn’t be healed again because there was already a new network. So it is recommended to keep clean and keep my diet. What kind of drug can quickly dry up my episodes? Because I have often had vulva hygine, spilled with bethadine water and gentamicin ointment. But how come the wound doesn’t have housing? In fact, it hurts more at the end of the wound, and fresh blood comes out.

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Basically an open perineal wound does not always have to be sewn again. Reopening sores can be caused by several possibilities, including infection of the wound, trauma / injury (for example due to putting something in the vagina), or it can also be caused by excessive pressure in the perineal area (for example due to lifting heavy objects, straining too tightly) . If you have done an examination and have confirmed that there is no infection in your perineal area, then in fact you do not need to worry too much because the wound will heal by itself even though it may take longer and the healing wound will not be as good if the stitches are still intact.

The following are some things you can do:

 Do not insert any objects into your vagina while you are still in the puerperium, including do not have sexual relations during your puerperal area. Clean your perineal area with warm water every time you shower (no need to use soap or other chemicals) Clean with both your perineal area every time you defecate and urinate, dry well before you use your underwear You are not recommended to clean and treat wounds using povidon iodine because it can slow healing of wounds. Antibiotic ointment may be used if it is prescribed by your doctor. You are strongly advised to do a sitz bath that is soaking your perineum area in warm water for 15-20 minutes, 3-4 times a day. Soak in warm water only, do not mix soap, antiseptics, chemicals, or other herbs in the water. Do not strain too hard when defecating and do not lift heavy objects first. Change your pads as often as possible every time you BAK or when it is wet by your lokia. Do not use pads for more than 4 hours, especially pads that have been wet with lochia

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