Medication To Get Rid Of Breast Lumps?

Illustration of Medication To Get Rid Of Breast Lumps?
Illustration: Medication To Get Rid Of Breast Lumps?

What medicine can make a lump in the breast doctor?

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Lumps in the breast, have a variety of possible conditions that cause them, and can differ between male and female.

In men, these complaints can be caused by an injury to the chest muscles, cysts, the influence of body hormones (gynecomastia), infections of the breast, benign breast tumors or even breast cancer.

As for women, whereas in women, all the possibilities that can occur in men, can occur in women, except gynecomastia, and the incidence of a lump in a woman's breast is much higher than in a man, including the incidence of breast cancer.

Because the causes of the lump are quite diverse, the best therapy to eliminate them is to find out the main cause first. If it is caused by an infection, then the recommended drug is the use of antibotics, if it is a knaker, then what is recommended is cancer therapies according to the stage, so that the treatment for each condition is very different, and does not rule out the possibility of surgery.

If you find a lump in your breast, it is highly recommended that you examine the lump further to the surgeon for further examination, so that it can be immediately determined what therapy should be given.

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