Medication To Overcome Prickly Heat?

Illustration of Medication To Overcome Prickly Heat?
Illustration: Medication To Overcome Prickly Heat?

Good morning, my child is 5 months 1 week he has prickly heat. In the morning I tried to go to the clinic to check it out because of the hot weather factor, after that I was given medicine in order that there was no medicine when there was no blood, may the baby be aged 5 month in love medicine inside ?? thank you

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Hello Fitr,

Thank you for the question.

Prickly heat (miliaria) is caused by blockage of the sweat gland outlet which causes sweat trapping and triggers inflammation. This condition can occur due to immature sweat glands that break easily (as is often experienced by babies), hot or hot environmental conditions (including due to the use of clothes that are too tight or made from heat), excessive physical activity that increases sweat production, as well as pressure excess skin, for example in infants who are too often laid.

There are several types of prickly heat, according to the severity, for example miliaria crystalline, rubra, pustulose, and deep. Handling of prickly heat can certainly be different depending on the severity and condition of your baby's general health. In mild cases, there is often no need for special treatment other than:

Give the baby loose clothes, the material is soft, absorbs sweat
Wash your baby 2 times a day
Keep the baby's body clean, not overdoing baby's skin with powder or oil
Make sure you only use special baby skin care products
Improve air circulation and sanitation in the environment around babies, especially in hot climates
Do not carelessly give treatment to prickly heat without doctor's advice, nor to carelessly squeeze or slough off the rash that arises due to prickly heat
Increase your baby's endurance by giving him exclusive breastfeeding according to his needs

Even so, there are also cases of prickly heat, which do not improve with natural or topical treatment (ie in the form of lotions, creams, or certain ointments). In cases like this, the doctor can also give the baby oral medication so that the condition is handled properly. It is not an absolute prohibition to give oral medicines to babies less than 6 months, provided there are medical indications that require them.

Of course, doctors who examine your baby directly, based on experience and competence, better understand the steps to best handle the conditions of your baby. Therefore, if there are things that make you doubt, it is better to consult directly with him, or ask for a second opinion to the doctor and other pediatricians yes ..

I hope this helps.

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