Medication To Relieve Swelling After Circumcision?

Illustration of Medication To Relieve Swelling After Circumcision?
Illustration: Medication To Relieve Swelling After Circumcision?

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Good morning, thank you for asking at Circumcision or circumcision is a procedure performed to remove the foreskin on the penis. The reasons for this circumcision are various, it can be due to cultural, religious, medical, and sexual preferences of some people. But whatever the reason, circumcision has become a common procedure throughout the world and has been shown to provide benefits in various medical aspects.

Regarding your question, after someone is circumcised, there are several things that must be considered, such as:

Avoid doing strenuous activities such as lifting weights, jogging, and cycling or similar toys such as a horse. Recovery will be more comfortable if the patient does not wear underpants and wears loose outer pants or gloves. Jelly can also be given to the tip of the penis to prevent sticking to the pants. During the recovery phase, the penis may be red, bruised and swollen. The wound in infants usually takes 10 days, whereas in children and adult men, it can take up to a month Routine follow-up to the doctor to treat the wound and ensure there are no complications Pain relievers should be taken, but for children under 16 take only the medication your doctor prescribes

So that in the case of your child, the condition around the penis that swells within a week after circumcision is still a normal condition, because even in babies who heal quickly, 10 days is still considered normal. Especially regarding wound healing, everyone has their own speed. To get rid of swelling, the drugs that can be given are anti-inflammatory drugs, but these are prescription drugs that we cannot provide via this forum, and usually doctors have prescribed them together with antibiotics and painkillers.

So our advice, if you are still worried or feel something is wrong, it doesn't matter if you want to consult your child to the pediatrician as well as the control. But what is clear, while at home, what you can do is keep your child's penis clean, avoid wounds from getting wet, change the bandage regularly, and avoid your child from the activities we have mentioned above. We wish your child a speedy recovery.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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