Medication To Treat Bleeding Gums In Children?

Illustration of Medication To Treat Bleeding Gums In Children?
Illustration: Medication To Treat Bleeding Gums In Children?

What is the medicine to stop bleeding gums for that child? Did he hit his teeth … please give a suggestion?

1 Answer:

Hi Hilda,

In the case of dental and mouth injuries, bleeding can occur, but generally the bleeding will stop just like other bleeding in other parts of the body, if not too large.

To stop bleeding from a small-medium injury, the first important thing to do is: close and press the bleeding part for a while. At that time, the body has begun to carry out the processes needed for blood clotting and a series of wound healing processes.

There are several conditions that can cause interference with this blood clotting process, such as: blood clotting disorders, leukemia, lack of vitamins, taking blood thinning drugs, hormonal changes in the body, diabetes, conditions that cause low platelets, namely dengue fever and ITP.

If you have been taking pressure for some time, but the bleeding process does not stop, you should immediately take it to the doctor, clinic or hospital nearby to assess whether further medical treatment is needed because of a major injury, or something else.

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Our suggestion:

Re-check whether the source of the bleeding gums is from an injury or something else, for example: the use of a toothbrush is too hard or inflammation in the gums bleeding has stopped Compression of the gums that bleed with ice water Eat enough food Demkian nutrition, hopefully it can help huh.

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