Medication To Treat Blisters On The Nipples While Breastfeeding?

Illustration of Medication To Treat Blisters On The Nipples While Breastfeeding?
Illustration: Medication To Treat Blisters On The Nipples While Breastfeeding?

Ass, I want to ask my wife that she is breastfeeding and her nipples have been scratched for about 3 weeks. Is the ointment recommended for speeding up the recovery of the nipples?

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The condition of abrasions is one of the most common conditions for women who are breastfeeding after giving birth. Nip blisters can be caused by several possible causes, including:

The wrong way to breastfeed. This can be caused by the position of the baby and the mother that is not right when breastfeeding, so that there is no perfect attachment between the baby's mouth with the mother's nipple. Although initially only causes pain or discomfort when breastfeeding, over time this can make the nipple hurt.
Breast infections Nipples abrasion while breastfeeding can also be a sign of infection or inflammation of the breast tissue, called masticitis.
Blocked milk ducts will make it difficult to get milk out, as a result the baby will suck up stronger and eventually the nipple will hurt. In addition, blocked milk ducts can also cause inflammation, so the breasts and nipples hurt.
Fungal infections in the nipple area due to babies who have fungal infections in the mouth and tongue. This is caused by the condition of the baby's immune system is weak.
Strap on the tongue. Problems with the tongue or the tongue-tie can also make it difficult for the baby to suck the nipple when breastfeeding, and cause the mother's nipples to become blisters or pain when breastfeeding.
Friction of breast milk pump or baby's mouth. Nipple blisters can also be caused by improper use of breast milk pumps or breastfeeding positions.

To deal with blister nipples, it is not necessary to use an ointment first, but you can follow a few tips such as using your own breast milk and applying it to blisters. In addition, you can also improve the position of breastfeeding to reduce friction and the possibility of sore nipples, use a bra made from soft cotton such as to reduce irritation, can also consider cold compresses to reduce pain in the nipples and breasts.

If you find that your breasts appear swollen, painful, reddish, blood or pus discharge comes out, it is advisable to consult a doctor regarding further examination and treatment. It is necessary to examine related to the condition of the breast, it is necessary to be aware of the condition of the infection and the appropriate handling for the condition.

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