Medication To Treat Fluid-filled Fluid?

Illustration of Medication To Treat Fluid-filled Fluid?
Illustration: Medication To Treat Fluid-filled Fluid?

Hello docsGood night Introducing me Eci. I want to ask, I have been asking for a few days, all over my son’s body has red spots and bouncy like burning with fire, That’s why yes. spots “that are now experiencing smallpox again ?? Ask for a prescription for a prescription for the medicine, Oia, my child has sulfa allergy, thank you. During the night

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Hello Echy, thank you for asking with

Fluid filled fluid or in medical terms called vesicles or bulls can be caused by the following medical conditions:

Shingles (chicken pox)

Contact dermatitis (allergic or due to irritation)
Insect or mite bites
Hives / urticaria
Drug allergic reaction
Skin infections (impetigo)
Hand foot and mouth diseases (HFMD) or Singapore flu
Other viral infections

Your doctor needs more information about the shape and location of the resilience that appears or are there other complaints such as fever, nausea, vomiting, or canker sores appear?

Varicella-zoster or chickenpox generally only occurs once in each person, but the activation of the varicella virus can return to activity when one's immune system decreases and causes a condition of smallpox or shingles.

You should be advised to consult with your doctor or with a pediatrician to find out the exact cause of your complaint because your doctor needs to do a physical examination directly, check the shape of your rash, or conduct a supplementary examination if necessary. The therapy or treatment given will be in accordance with the cause of the condition suffered by your child. If it is caused by a viral infection then your doctor can give you anti-viral drugs and other medicines in accordance with the perceived complaint.

Some things you can do for a while are:

Get enough rest and consume nutritious food to increase endurance
Avoid scratching or solving existing rashes
Wear clothes with soft material
Maintain the cleanliness of your home
Do not forget to keep your body clean by bathing with warm water and then dried slowly

Hopefully this information can be useful for you.

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