Medication To Treat Gout?

Illustration of Medication To Treat Gout?
Illustration: Medication To Treat Gout?

Hello, I want to ask, my 55-year-old mother sometimes likes gout pain and the same neighbors are advised to take renadinac to reduce pain, and allopurinol, and often take the drug before consulting a doctor, is that a drug that can cause dangerous side effects? thanks.

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High uric acid in the blood (hyperuricemia) can be deposited in the joints, triggering inflammation (gout arthritis). Not only pain, inflammation of the joints due to gout can also make the joints swell, redness, warm when touched, and of course very disturbing activity. Management of this condition can be done in various ways, ranging from drug administration, dietary modifications, to surgery in more severe cases.

The question is, has your mother seen a doctor and was diagnosed with high uric acid? What is the exact level of uric acid? Which part of the body exactly feels pain? Besides pain, are there other complaints that are felt?

Not infrequently, the symptoms of gout can be very similar to other diseases, for example rheumatoid arthritis, cellulitis, joint dislocation, fractures or fractures, muscle injuries, vascular disorders, peripheral neuropathy, and so on. Treatment of each of these conditions can certainly be different from gout, although the symptoms are almost similar.

Therefore, before taking the drug, we recommend that you first consult your mother to a doctor or neurologist. Blood tests, x-rays, or other supporting tests can be done by a doctor to identify the cause of the pain he feels. At this time, you should not carelessly give your mother medicine. As a pain reliever, it is safer if you first give him paracetamol, while compressing the painful area with ice cubes or warm water, and first rest the area of ​​the body that is painful from excessive physical activity so that the pain subsides. Consumption of the drug you mentioned, if done without clear medical indications, especially in the long run, risks causing your mother to experience allergies, gastrointestinal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, defecation, and many other complaints. Therefore, avoid the consumption of these drugs without a doctor's prescription huh ..

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