Medication To Treat Low Blood Pressure In Nursing Mothers?

I want to ask, I do have low blood pressure … I want to ask medication for low blood pressure for nursing mothers what is good. Which is safe for nursing mothers. Every time I look down I feel my head is heavy … Behind the nut like pain, dizzy too … Thank you.

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Hello Atikah,

Thank you for your question.

Low blood pressure or also called hypotension is a condition where the blood pump to the heart is not too strong. Hypotension can occur in a number of circumstances including: pregnancy, consumption of drugs, dehydration, infection, lack of nutrition and bleeding.

In the condition of pregnancy, blood circulation is divided into 2, so it requires adequate energy and pressure to pump blood, besides dehydration in pregnant women also often occurs, because the fluid in pregnant women is divided into two, vitamin B12 and folic acid in pregnancy is also very needed. So that if the lack of these substances will create low tension.

I will ask first, is your intake of nutrients, vitamins and fluids sufficient per day? If it's not enough, it can make your blood not rise. Because the use of drugs to increase blood in pregnant women is not good. Therefore it is better to improve your nutrition, if your nutrition is fulfilled then your blood pressure will also improve. But if it does not improve after adequate nutrition, you can consult directly with a gynecologist.

May be useful. Always Healthy 😊

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