Medication To Treat Pruritus?

Illustration of Medication To Treat Pruritus?
Illustration: Medication To Treat Pruritus?

Good evening doctor. After I read the article about PRURITUS there was a description of the symptoms that I experienced. That is the hands feel dry, sometimes itching appears accompanied by small lumps of water. This appears if my hands are exposed to direct sunlight during the day. Sometimes also if I’m too long in the water for example, I’m cleaning the bathtub, even though I’m not using cleaning drugs. Meanwhile, if itching appears, I use an ointment with the brand ELOMOX. BUT itching often pops up again. How do I deal with my itching and is the ointment that I use correct? thank you

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Pruritus can indeed be caused by various things, such as:

- allergic reaction. Could be due to food allergies, heat, drugs, etc.

- Scabies / Scabies

- Atopic eczema

- Urticaria

- Skin infections

- and others

On pruritus treatment itself depends on the results of tests or examination results from the doctor (the doctor's diagnosis). Treatment can be done such as the use of corticosteroid creams, oral antihistamines, and others. The treatment given depends on the cause of the itchiness you feel, because of the different treatments. Therefore, you should first check with your doctor. The doctor will conduct interviews and several examinations to find out the cause of the complaint you are feeling.

The ointment you use is a cream that contains corticosteroids, which can be used to relieve inflammation or allergies. If the complaint does not improve, you should consult a doctor.

Thank you, hope that helps ..

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