Medication To Treat Seizures?

Illustration of Medication To Treat Seizures?
Illustration: Medication To Treat Seizures?

Well, my husband does have a history of seizures, there is a gland in his head, a long time ago. In 2012, only until now the specialist doctor said that the gland was still there, even though it had never been cramped. My husband consumes the generic sodium phenitoin. Is there any patent medicine?

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Seizures are a clinical manifestation arising from abnormal physical activity in the brain. This causes an involuntary movement that can not be controlled, can be in the form of stiffness of muscles or twitches that are twitchy. Seizures can occur in just one part of the body or on the whole body.

Seizures can be caused by several possible causes, for example the condition of febrile seizures, epilepsy, infections of the brain and the lining of the brain, bumps in brain regions or malignancies in brain regions. Having a family history of experiencing the same disease can also be a risk factor for someone experiencing a similar disease. It is advisable to consult a doctor or neurologist regarding further examination and management.

Phenytoin is a treatment for treating a number of seizure conditions or epileptic conditions. Phenytoin works to balance the flow of electricity, thereby reducing the appearance of seizure symptoms. Consumption of this treatment aims to prevent seizures and can be given in the long term. Phenytoin does not work to shrink the glands in the head, it is advisable to consult a specialist doctor about the intended gland and management modalities to treat the condition.

It is not recommended to stop using seizure prevention medication yourself without doctor's instructions, it is advisable to exercise according to your ability, maintain a regular and healthy diet, ensuring you get adequate rest time.

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