Medicine For Chickenpox In The Ear?

Illustration of Medicine For Chickenpox In The Ear?
Illustration: Medicine For Chickenpox In The Ear?

My doctor wanted to ask again about the ear, my friend had a small operation on the earlobe because when there was swelling, but he said cancer was not just a viral infection, then there was a root cause of itching, I had hearing problems, pus and bleeding, well yesterday did the root removal operation, until he did the operation 2x, the first time the doctor was not careful about the roots behind the ear tendons, now it’s dry, there are no lumps, but sometimes itchy, so it’s like frog eggs / chicken pox but there’s no water, what is the solution so that the wound peels, what ointment is it good to give? from the doctor only given like liquid but there was no reaction, if you smear the aloe vera in the ear, is it okay or not? thank you

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Hello Sarahmay,

Do you mean that your friend's complaint is an itchy feeling in the surgical wound? When the wound will heal, it is quite natural for an itching reaction to occur as part of the tissue regeneration process. As long as itching is not accompanied by other complaints such as pain, swelling, redness, discharge, or pus, then you don't need to worry. The itching will get better as the wound heals.

For a while your friend should keep the wound dry and if it itches try compressing it with NaCl solution for a few minutes then dry it with a sterile gauze. Your friend can continue using the medicine that his doctor gave him. Avoid applying packaged aloe vera on surgical wounds that have not healed completely, it is feared that it could cause infection.

However, if the itching is very annoying or other complaints arise as above, it is necessary to think about the possibility of infection in the surgical wound. If there are other complaints, it is better for your friend to take control back to the doctor who treated him so that an evaluation can be done to confirm his condition. The doctor can then provide the follow-up treatment your friend needs.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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