Medicine For Cough Colds In Children 1 To 2 Years?

Illustration of Medicine For Cough Colds In Children 1 To 2 Years?
Illustration: Medicine For Cough Colds In Children 1 To 2 Years?

doctor .. my child is 19 months old and he weighs 11 kg. at this time my child is coughing up phlegm, runny nose, accompanied by fever. what is the solution or medicine that is good for my child’s age? plus there is currently a corona virus outbreak. thanks.

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Hello Mother Daughter

Complaints of cough with phlegm, runny nose, and fever in children can be influenced by various factors, and although the symptoms are equally coughing, runny nose, and fever treating every cause of these symptoms is not necessarily the same, that is why the need to do an examination first so that it can be ascertained what exactly is the source of the problem causing the symptoms of cough, runny nose, and fever in her child Mother Daughter.

Some things that can be considered for the symptoms of cough, runny nose, and fever in children are

Upper respiratory tract infections
Sore throat

The conditions mentioned above are some of the several diseases that have complaints in the form of cough, runny nose, and fever. And it does not rule out the possibility that what is experienced by her mother and daughter may not be from any of the above possibilities because there are still other possibilities that require further study to be able to ascertain what conditions are actually experienced by her daughter.

I understand your concern about the corona virus outbreak, so in the meantime try to do some of the following tips to relieve the symptoms experienced by your child

Compress warm water on your child's forehead area, to help reduce the fever. If the child feels uncomfortable with the compress can be tricked by bathing it with warm water at regular intervals.
Here enough fluid children, can be through giving him milk or drinking water. That way phlegm and phlegm that is produced will be more easily removed and does not accumulate in the respiratory tract
Mother can give a few spoons of honey to help endurance
Avoid your child from exposure to cigarette smoke, so if someone in one house smokes it should be done outside and when not close to your child.
It's okay to give paracetamol to help reduce fever, especially if the child's temperature reaches more than 39 degrees Celsius.
Immediately to the nearest health facility if the child experiences the following symptoms: convulsions, weakness, vomiting more than 5x, diarrhea more than 5x, temperatures above 39 degrees that do not go down after being compressed or drug, the child looks in great pain, the child's crying is no more water eye (suspicious of dehydration / loss of fluid)

Thus the information that can be conveyed

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