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I’m currently sick, very dizzy and if I go to the bathroom to just urinate I can’t stand the water because it’s cold.. What disease is that? Thank you

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Dizziness is a term used to describe the sensation of wanting to fall, stagger, lose balance or feel like you are about to faint. Dizziness is closely related to balance disorders or other medical conditions. There are several things that can be considered to be the cause of complaints of dizziness, which are as follows:

There is vertigo. Vertigo is a sensation of dizziness accompanied by a feeling of spinning, whether the sufferer is spinning with respect to the surrounding area or vice versa. Vertigo itself occurs due to a balance disorder in the brain or in the balance center in the inner ear.

Meniere's disease. This condition shows symptoms of vertigo with causes due to abnormalities or disturbances in the inner ear.

The presence of anemia or lack of red blood cells. The most associated condition is the presence of iron anemia.

Lack of body fluids

Lack of adequate and balanced nutrition. Not only carbohydrates, proteins and fats, but you need to think about the adequacy of the minerals and vitamins needed by the body

Presence of hypotension or hypertension. Disturbances in blood pressure are closely related to complaints of dizziness. In your case, where the blood pressure is 130/80, it is pre-hypertension and you need to modify your lifestyle so that the normal value is 120/80.

The influence of certain drugs such as anti-seizure antidepressants and blood pressure-lowering drugs.

There is an interruption of blood flow to the brain

Certain medical conditions.

The conditions above can be the cause of your current dizziness complaint, but do not rule out other medical conditions. It is necessary to do a direct consultation and examination by a doctor, especially if your condition has been going on for a long time and is enough to interfere with your daily activities. Whether or not additional examinations are needed such as blood tests to check Hb levels to see if there is anemia, balance checks and others should be adjusted according to the results of the consultation and examination by the doctor later.

That's all I can say, hopefully it's useful.

Regards, Dr. Tiwi

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