Medicine For Food Poisoning.?

Illustration of Medicine For Food Poisoning.?
Illustration: Medicine For Food Poisoning.?

Tonight, what would I like to ask for medication to treat food poisoning? thank you

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Hello Anggi Salsa, thank you for asking with

Food poisoning can occur if eating a food that has been contaminated with germs, such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Symptoms of food poisoning are usually associated with the digestive tract such as nausea, vomiting, pain in the stomach, to diarrhea. These symptoms will usually gradually improve after approximately three days depending on the cause or contaminated germs.

In general, food poisoning does not require special treatment because the body itself will fight germs or remove toxins from our body. However, to help relieve the symptoms, you can get enough rest and drink plenty of fluids to prevent hydration. You can also be advised to consume foods that are easily digested such as porridge for a while.

But you should be sure whether you really experience food poisoning and not other diseases such as ulcer disease / dyspepsia, inflammation of the appendix (appendicitis), or other diseases of the digestive tract. You are still advised to consult with your doctor because the doctor requires more complete information or a physical examination directly. And if there are signs of danger or the following symptoms, you should immediately go to a health facility such as:

High fever Symptoms worsen and don't improve within a few days Dehydration occurs (urine becomes small, dark in color and smells bad) Severe abdominal pain Diarrhea mixed with mucus and blood Some tips for you are:

Store food in the right temperature (such as in a refrigerator) and avoid consuming food that has been too long Keep food and yourself clean, wash your hands before eating and when preparing food Hopefully this information can be useful for you.


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