Medicine For Hepatitis?

Illustration of Medicine For Hepatitis?
Illustration: Medicine For Hepatitis?

Hello … My doctor wants to ask my nephew to have checked at the hospital where he was diagnosed with hepatitis B, he was asked to wipe it and the result was that the HBV DNA content was detected: u0026gt; 1.10×10 ^ 8 IU / ml, u0026gt; 6.4×10 ^ 8 copies / ml, please enlighten the doctor to produce the cloth … thank you

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Hepatitis B is a disease caused by infection with the Hepatitis B virus (HBV). The initial diagnosis for hepatitis B is generally made using serologic testing for hepatitis B virus (eg HBsAg, HBeAg, anti HBc, anti HBs). The examination can be continued with HBV DNA examination if there are several conditions, for example:

The infection is suspected to be very recent before the emergence of HBsAg. Determine whether or not active HBV infection is inactive. Determine whether or not anti-hepatitis B therapy should be given. Monitor response to therapy.

Basically, the lower the HBV DNA level, the lower the amount of hepatitis B virus in the blood, a very low value indicates that the viral infection has been resolved, while a very high value indicates the virus is actively replicating. This HBV DNA value can vary from 10 to 10,000,000,000 IU / mL. The results of your nephew's examination are high and indicate an active replication of the hepatitis B virus in his body. With high amounts of HBV DNA, your nephews are at risk of transmitting the virus to other people. Therefore, it is very important to take prevention measures.

Here are some of the things your nephew can do right now:

avoid sexual intercourse without a condom, check the hepatitis B status of the family (people who live in 1 house), especially their sexual partners, vaccinate against hepatitis B for people who are at risk of contracting an open wound, cover the wound with a bandage or bandage, do not donate blood, organs, tissue , or sperm. Avoid sharing needles with other people. Clean up blood spills with bleach

Hepatitis B will not be transmitted by shaking hands, kissing, using the toilet together, eating from the same plate, or sharing eating utensils.

It is recommended that you bring these results to the doctor who asks for the examination to be interpreted together with other laboratory results.

Here is an article that you can read about hepatitis B

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