Medicine For Pain Around The Vagina?

Illustration of Medicine For Pain Around The Vagina?
Illustration: Medicine For Pain Around The Vagina?

good afternoon .. my child is 7 years old … sorry a bit sensitive for my question … my ank is having a pain in the clitoris miss V area … I’m confused how to treat it how and with … beg for a solution … thank you

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Hello, Siti Rohati, thank you for asking

Pain in the female genitals can be caused by several possibilities, for example:

1. Injury / impact / friction on the genitals

2. Vulvovaginitis / inflammation on the outside of the female genitalia (vulva) and vagina

3. Irritations or allergies (contact dermatitis) due to certain substances that come in contact with the genitals, for example exposed to soap, unsuitable fabric material, etc.

4. Infection, for example due to fungi (eg candidiasis), viruses (eg genital herpes), etc.

5. Injury due to scratching

6. Etc.

To determine the cause, it is necessary to do a direct examination by a doctor. The doctor will do a careful physical examination, do a question and answer on you and your child related to the symptoms that occur, and if necessary, a supporting examination will be done. Treatment of course depends on the cause. If due to a fungal infection it will be given an anti-fungal, if due to an allergy it will be given an allergy reliever, etc.

So, you should immediately consult a doctor especially if the pain does not improve, bleeding / fluid from the vagina, pain when urinating, fever, abdominal pain, there is a history of injury / impact / violence, itching.

To temporarily relieve pain, you can give your child paracetamol according to the dosage recommended by the doctor. Keep the genitals clean, if itching as much as possible do not be scratched because it will aggravate the condition. Rinse genitals with clean water (no need to use soap) from front to back. Always keep the genitals clean and dry, don't get moist. Avoid things that cause allergies (if you have allergies). Do not put / rub anything into the genitals without the knowledge of the doctor.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.


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