Medicine For Penis Scurvy?

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I want to ask, what ointment for scabies on the penis is good? Thanks

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Hi Anampradika,

Thanks for asking at Have you confirmed that what you are experiencing is scabies by going to the doctor? Scabies or scabies is an infection of the skin caused by a mite called Sarkoptes scabiei. These mites can enter the outer layer of the skin and then cause the appearance of a very itchy skin rash, especially at night. This itching occurs as a result of the body's reaction to protein and mite feces, so usually the itching symptoms will still appear even though these mites have been treated. Skin rashes generally appear between the fingers, wrists, armpits, groin, breast folds, around the nipples, palms of the hands, and around the genitals. To determine the cause of a patient's complaint, a doctor's examination is needed to rule out the possibility of other skin infections. The doctor will need to ask for more information about this complaint and your medical history and that of your family. The doctor will also examine the skin rash in question. If necessary, to confirm this diagnosis, the doctor will perform an ink test or skin scraping. If proven scabies, the doctor will give a topical medication to be applied to the skin rash and the surrounding area and left for at least 8 hours. The topical medication used is usually permethrin or lindane. If the symptoms persist after using this drug, the doctor will give another drug

You should first consult with your doctor to confirm your complaint so that the doctor can provide the right treatment. Treatment of scabies must be in accordance with the doctor's advice.

Also do the following suggestions:

wash all bed linen, pillowcases, and blankets using hot water, dry clothes and mattresses in the sun, avoid sharing towels and clothes with other people, also recommend people who have contact with sufferers to undergo treatment. Hopefully this information is useful.

Dr. Aloisia

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