Medicine For Sore And Misty Eyes?

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. I have pain in the eyeball and sometimes it tends to be foggy so my vision is disturbed, but if I close it or I blink, the fog immediately disappears. Guess what medicine to handle it for a while so that work won’t be disturbed. Because someone gave me a suggestion to use cendo cenfresh because I was afraid I didn’t dare to try it. Thanks.

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Hi Diah,

Thank you for asking Before dealing with your complaint, the most important thing is to know the exact cause of your complaint, because different causes have different treatments and if you give the wrong medicine/handling it can cause worsening or even unwanted side effects. Several possible causes of cloudy vision (blurred vision) can be caused by:

Refraction disorder (refraction), for example due to:
- Myopia (minus eye)
- Astigmatism (cylindrical)
- Hypermetropia (plus eye)

· Eyestrain

·         Cloudiness  of the structure of the eye, for example the cornea, lens, vitreous body, for example due to:
- Cataracts
- Corneal cloudiness after injury or post-infection

Retinal disorders, for example due to:
- Age related macular degeneration
- Infectious retinitis, for example due to Cytomegalovirus, Toxoplasma
- Retinitis pigmentosa
- Epiretinal membrane
- Retinal vein occlusion (blockage).

·        Disorders of the optic nerve and its branches, for example due to:
- Optic neuritis

To be sure, you should check your complaint directly with an ophthalmologist. Chances are, the doctor will do a physical examination using a slit lamp, perform a visual acuity test, or add an ophthalmoscope. After the exact cause is known, then the proper treatment can be determined.

Meanwhile, you should:

·         Limit staring at gadgets for too long

·         Avoid reading or staring at gadgets too closely, especially in dim light

·         When your eyes feel tired, take a break, close your eyes for a while, then look at a green object for 30 seconds, then continue your activities

·         Consume a balanced nutritious diet rich in vitamin A.

Thus the information from me, hopefully useful.


dr. junior

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