Medicines For Weight Gain?

Illustration of Medicines For Weight Gain?
Illustration: Medicines For Weight Gain?

I want to ask at the pharmacy before r nGive you chlirofit, prinicy and omedeson r nCan it be consumed without omedeson r nThe problem is someone said omedeson can r n Make bones porous

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Hello Monica,

Chlirofit is a supplement containing 500 mg of spirulina which is beneficial for maintaining a healthy body because it contains various vitamins, minerals and is high in protein. Pronicy is an antihistamine drug that actually aims to cure allergy symptoms, but is often misused to gain weight because it can increase appetite. While omedeson is a drug containing dexamethason, which is a type of strong steroid drug used to treat inflammation, allergy symptoms and suppress immunity. But it is often used to fatten the body because of its work which can increase the accumulation of fat and water in the body.

As for the side effects of dexmethason, among others: decreased immune function, increased blood sugar levels, bone loss and weak distribution disorders. This drug is also a drug that is not sold freely because its use must be very careful, cannot be stopped suddenly and should be used according to a doctor's prescription.

Neither pronicy nor omedasone are drugs for weight gain. So you should stop using the drug because it is feared that unwanted side effects will arise. You can try to increase your body weight in several natural ways such as increasing protein consumption, exercising regularly, reducing stress and getting enough rest.

the following article about gaining weight to be ideal naturally

so, hopefully useful

dr, Laras

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