Memory Loss In The Elderly?

Illustration of Memory Loss In The Elderly?
Illustration: Memory Loss In The Elderly?

Hello dokI want to ask my father aged 52 years, he has 3 times forgotten his memory, forgot what he was doing hours ago, he forgot what his activities.

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Hello Ira, Thank you for asking in advance.

A decrease in memory and thinking can be caused by dementia. Where this condition can certainly affect daily activities. The most common types of dementia are Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia. Where Alzheimer's disease is associated with genetic changes and protein changes in the brain. Meanwhile, vascular dementia is associated with disorders of the blood vessels of the brain.

Dementia is different from senile. Senile is a change in the ability to think and remember that is commonly experienced as you age. These changes can affect memory, but are insignificant and do not cause a person to depend on others. To find out the cause of your father's complaints, you should consult your father directly to the doctor so that your father can do some further tests.

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Thank you, hope that helps.

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