Meniscus Torn, Should Surgery?

Illustration of Meniscus Torn, Should Surgery?
Illustration: Meniscus Torn, Should Surgery?

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Meniscus or knee cartilage is a cushion that aims to protect the knee from injury during activity. Injury to the meniscus is indeed quite common, mainly due to sports that are wrong or excessive, or due to accidents as you experience.

Tearing in the meniscus usually occurs when the knee has a rotating or rotating (pivoting) movement. People who are prone to meniscus tears are usually active people. Age above 30 is also one of the risk factors for meniscus tears. The symptoms are not specific, such as knee pain, swelling, sometimes accompanied by redness, the knee can sound when moved, and the knee feels stiff. However, it must be known that other injuries to the knee such as ligament injuries can also provide similar symptoms. Based on the description given, I assume that the doctor has done a supporting examination such as X-ray, MRI, or ultrasound to determine the diagnosis.

How to cope with meniscus tears can be conservative ways such as cold compresses, wearing a decker knee, and resting your knees from strenuous activity. The doctor will also recommend physiotherapy. Therapy can also be done by taking anti-inflammatory drugs to treat swelling and pain. Depending on the severity of the injury, if the injury is severe enough, surgery is indeed one of the best choices. In severe injuries that do not receive proper action, there can be a risk of repeated injuries with more severe severity so that it is feared that it will disrupt knee function for a long time.

In addition to the severity of the injury, the location of the tear also influences the likelihood of recovery. If the meniscus is torn in an area that lacks blood flow, then the possibility of being able to heal itself is small. If complaints still persist and knee function has not returned to normal, then there is still a possibility that the injury has not healed. My advice if you really want certainty, then you should consult back to the doctor. The doctor may suggest a repeat examination to see whether the meniscus has healed or not.

The following article is about meniscus tears and how to overcome them. Hopefully can help. Regards.

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