Menstrual Blood Color Is Only Brown?

Illustration of Menstrual Blood Color Is Only Brown?
Illustration: Menstrual Blood Color Is Only Brown?

Good morning. I am Aya, currently I am 25 years old and not married. Menstrual problems that I experience, when I encounter menstrual problems that every month I experience my menstrual blood color only brown then black then brown and no serious pain. But, I noticed when I found menstruation with pain in the body until the whole leg and continued nausea until I had to sleep 1-2 hours to rest at that time my period was really blood red. But, if my period is uncertain, it’s 2x in a year. The rest of my period I always come out brown and black. Is this a serious problem that is very serious? Thanks

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During menstruation, naturally a woman will experience menstrual bleeding each cycle, where blood that comes out can be brownish, fresh blood, until the blood is more concentrated or black. The process of discoloration that you experience is a natural process. Although, sometimes some changes in the color of menstrual blood indicate the possibility of an infection or disturbance in your reproductive system, such as orange will provide information on the possibility of infection, or pink gives an indication of the possibility of anemia. However, menstrual blood color that appears, needs to be supported by clinical evidence that confirms complaints of changes in menstrual color gradations. So, for example if menstrual blood turns pink, blood tests are needed to confirm anemia if a possible anemia is suspected.
Therefore, in general, the presence of your menstrual blood in brown indicates the condition of the beginning of menstruation, while dark or black indicates the end of your period. Whereas the red color indicates an active menstrual period that you are living and can be accompanied by pain. So that all complaints of your menstrual blood color gradation is a reasonable condition.
Some other conditions that are accompanied by complaints of menstrual pain that is very disturbing and repetitive every cycle, can be caused by several conditions, such as:
1. infection of the female area
2. uterine myoma
3. endometriosis or brown cysts
4. hormone balance disorders
If the complaint of the degree of pain that you feel is very disturbing, and the blood that comes out quite a lot and is repeated, then you can consider doing a direct examination to the obstetrician. The doctor will conduct direct interviews and obstetric examinations and gynecology. The results of the examination will provide a conclusion whether there are medical problems that might interfere.
For now, it's best not to worry too much about the physiological process that you're going through. Even if you can't control your concerns, consulting directly to an obstetrician is a positive lag. Also, avoid sleeping late and doing regular exercise, to help maintain the health of your reproductive system. And avoid free, risky sexual relations.
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